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plottable-statisticalbox.h File Reference

Data Structures

class  QCPStatisticalBoxData
 Holds the data of one single data point for QCPStatisticalBox. More...
class  QCPStatisticalBox
 A plottable representing a single statistical box in a plot. More...


typedef QCPDataContainer< QCPStatisticalBoxDataQCPStatisticalBoxDataContainer



Typedef Documentation

§ QCPStatisticalBoxDataContainer

Container for storing QCPStatisticalBoxData points. The data is stored sorted by key.

This template instantiation is the container in which QCPStatisticalBox holds its data. For details about the generic container, see the documentation of the class template QCPDataContainer.

See also
QCPStatisticalBoxData, QCPStatisticalBox::setData