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when i try to build realtime plot i get error at

QSharedPointer<QCPAxisTickerTime> timeTicker(new QCPAxisTickerTime); 

the error write "undefined reference to `QCPAxisTickerTime::QCPAxisTickerTime()' "

can you help me?

same problem here ... running QCustomPlot 2.0.0 beta(in lower versions it's can't even find it in headerfile) on Qt 5.7.0. minGW 5.3.0 windows 7 64 bit

Did you properly include the qcustomplot.cpp and qcustomplot.h to your .pro file? like shown in the setting up page?

yes for sure ... because other thing instead of QCPAxisTikcerTIme identified correctly and when we commented those lines using that the program runs successfully ...

Similar when running PyQt5 + QCustomPlot-PyQt5:

import qcustomplot

ImportError: ./qcustomplot.so: undefined symbol: _ZN11QCustomPlot20setSelectedTitleFontERK5QFont

Ubuntu Linux 14.04 with Python 2.7.

hi DerDoc,
where do you find QCustomPlot-PyQt5?