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Would qcustomplot have any plans to implement violin plot?Return to overview

Would qcustomplot have any plans to implement violin plot?

Personally, I really like statistical box plots which show the kernel density like the violin plot or even the original data distribution along the box itself. However I need to set priorities, and I think we both are the outliers in this respect – in fact, in all five years of QCP development, you're the first to mention the word violin plot ;)

So yeah, I'd love to have the time to add them, but if it happens, it's going to be a fun development on the side, and thus it's not part of a plan or even schedule.

The minor relases of QCP2.x are planned to be about extending QCPs functionality by subclassing the existing base class framework: more plottables, more tickers, more decorators, more items, etc. So it's totally not out of question.