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I am able to plot real time graph based on the demo provided, but now I want to plot a second graph right above the first one just like in ECG graphs one above the other, how should I do it??

That depends on whether you want them to be separate plots. if so, you need two QCustomPlot widgets. if you just want them to be on the same plot, you could add them on top of eachother with different axis by just creating a separate graph.

Hey Ian,
If they were to be different graphs, would this require a second timer? I have tried to use a second timer for a second real time graph (two graphs on the same plot) however it would ignore the second timer completely.
Is there something I'm missing?
I do not think it's a matter of one timer overlapping with a second timer as I give both timers plenty of space (time) between each timer call.

You shouldnt need a second timer. you could just connect the timeout signal to two different slots (one for each graph), or one slot and update both graphs' data.

That's an idea. Thanks again.