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hello, i want to plot graph using QCustomplot based on receiving data serially. it means , i want to plot from left to right on graph. currently i am using

ui->customPlot->xAxis->setRange(key , 8 , Qt::AlignRight);

it plotting at right side of graph on starting and after complete graph . i want to plot graph from left to right when i receive serial data .
when new data recieve , then i want to plot from right to left .
How to do this ... ?

I'm not sure i understand the question. Did you want new data points on the right or on the left ?

I want to plot x axis value or new data points from left to right . Now new data points are adding in right side of graph and x axis moving to left side . i want a continues plotting from left to right. not in one side .

i believe you would just call QCPAxis::setRangeReversed(true)