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I tried to figure out if I can use QCustomPlot in my project. Since I don't care what anyone does with my software, I always use the very permissive MIT license and be done with it. From what I've gathered it's not possible for me to use QCustomPlot.

To quote the MIT license Wikipedia entry:
"MIT licensed software can be integrated into GPL software, but not the other way around."

There is also the following thread:

What is your question?

I was just wondering if my interpretation is correct. I don't have a team of 10 lawyers deciphering the mess that is OSS licensing and a license that forces everyone to start using the same license seems absurd.

I'm also somewhat perplexed. My project is as free/open as it gets, I have no commercial interest whatsoever and I wouldn't even modify the code or want to re-release it under a different license. I don't even remotely get the point of this license and must be missing something.

Pretty sure that the way it is licensed is that as long as you are doing open source you dont have to pay for anything, but you can get a full commercial license by talking to the creator.