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Can we #define noprint_support?Return to overview

I use QCustomPlot to display a histogram on one of my research instruments, I'm wondering if there is a way to easily remove the need to link against the Qt printer library?

Yes you can do it, you need to compile QCustomPlot with commit printsupport in .pro compile, and comment all error.

Good luck ...

set the define


and possibly comment out the #include<QtPrintSupport> in the qcustomplot.h header.

This will make savePdf unavailable and a call to it will result in a qDebug output.

Future QCP versions will make this easier (and for Qt5.4 possibly even independent of printsupport even with pdf export available).

Yeah so when one defines #QT_NO_PRINTER and comment out <QtPrintSupport> everything works as expected.

Can we get this change in the new 2.0 version?