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Data Structures
 CQCPAbstractItemThe abstract base class for all items in a plot
 CQCPAbstractLegendItemThe abstract base class for all entries in a QCPLegend
 CQCPAbstractPaintBufferThe abstract base class for paint buffers, which define the rendering backend
 CQCPAbstractPlottableThe abstract base class for all data representing objects in a plot
 CQCPAbstractPlottable1DA template base class for plottables with one-dimensional data
 CQCPAxisManages a single axis inside a QCustomPlot
 CQCPAxisRectHolds multiple axes and arranges them in a rectangular shape
 CQCPAxisTickerThe base class tick generator used by QCPAxis to create tick positions and tick labels
 CQCPAxisTickerDateTimeSpecialized axis ticker for calendar dates and times as axis ticks
 CQCPAxisTickerFixedSpecialized axis ticker with a fixed tick step
 CQCPAxisTickerLogSpecialized axis ticker suited for logarithmic axes
 CQCPAxisTickerPiSpecialized axis ticker to display ticks in units of an arbitrary constant, for example pi
 CQCPAxisTickerTextSpecialized axis ticker which allows arbitrary labels at specified coordinates
 CQCPAxisTickerTimeSpecialized axis ticker for time spans in units of milliseconds to days
 CQCPBarsA plottable representing a bar chart in a plot
 CQCPBarsDataHolds the data of one single data point (one bar) for QCPBars
 CQCPBarsGroupGroups multiple QCPBars together so they appear side by side
 CQCPColorGradientDefines a color gradient for use with e.g. QCPColorMap
 CQCPColorMapA plottable representing a two-dimensional color map in a plot
 CQCPColorMapDataHolds the two-dimensional data of a QCPColorMap plottable
 CQCPColorScaleA color scale for use with color coding data such as QCPColorMap
 CQCPCurveA plottable representing a parametric curve in a plot
 CQCPCurveDataHolds the data of one single data point for QCPCurve
 CQCPDataContainerThe generic data container for one-dimensional plottables
 CQCPDataRangeDescribes a data range given by begin and end index
 CQCPDataSelectionDescribes a data set by holding multiple QCPDataRange instances
 CQCPErrorBarsA plottable that adds a set of error bars to other plottables
 CQCPErrorBarsDataHolds the data of one single error bar for QCPErrorBars
 CQCPFinancialA plottable representing a financial stock chart
 CQCPFinancialDataHolds the data of one single data point for QCPFinancial
 CQCPGraphA plottable representing a graph in a plot
 CQCPGraphDataHolds the data of one single data point for QCPGraph
 CQCPGridResponsible for drawing the grid of a QCPAxis
 CQCPItemAnchorAn anchor of an item to which positions can be attached to
 CQCPItemBracketA bracket for referencing/highlighting certain parts in the plot
 CQCPItemCurveA curved line from one point to another
 CQCPItemEllipseAn ellipse
 CQCPItemLineA line from one point to another
 CQCPItemPixmapAn arbitrary pixmap
 CQCPItemPositionManages the position of an item
 CQCPItemRectA rectangle
 CQCPItemStraightLineA straight line that spans infinitely in both directions
 CQCPItemTextA text label
 CQCPItemTracerItem that sticks to QCPGraph data points
 CQCPLayerA layer that may contain objects, to control the rendering order
 CQCPLayerableBase class for all drawable objects
 CQCPLayoutThe abstract base class for layouts
 CQCPLayoutElementThe abstract base class for all objects that form the layout system
 CQCPLayoutGridA layout that arranges child elements in a grid
 CQCPLayoutInsetA layout that places child elements aligned to the border or arbitrarily positioned
 CQCPLegendManages a legend inside a QCustomPlot
 CQCPLineEndingHandles the different ending decorations for line-like items
 CQCPMarginGroupA margin group allows synchronization of margin sides if working with multiple layout elements
 CQCPPaintBufferGlFboA paint buffer based on OpenGL frame buffers objects, using hardware accelerated rendering
 CQCPPaintBufferGlPbufferA paint buffer based on OpenGL pixel buffers, using hardware accelerated rendering
 CQCPPaintBufferPixmapA paint buffer based on QPixmap, using software raster rendering
 CQCPPainterQPainter subclass used internally
 CQCPPlottableInterface1DDefines an abstract interface for one-dimensional plottables
 CQCPPlottableLegendItemA legend item representing a plottable with an icon and the plottable name
 CQCPPolarAxisAngularThe main container for polar plots, representing the angular axis as a circle
 CQCPPolarAxisRadialThe radial axis inside a radial plot
 CQCPPolarGraphA radial graph used to display data in polar plots
 CQCPPolarGridThe grid in both angular and radial dimensions for polar plots
 CQCPPolarLegendItemA legend item for polar plots
 CQCPRangeRepresents the range an axis is encompassing
 CQCPScatterStyleRepresents the visual appearance of scatter points
 CQCPSelectionDecoratorControls how a plottable's data selection is drawn
 CQCPSelectionDecoratorBracketA selection decorator which draws brackets around each selected data segment
 CQCPSelectionRectProvides rect/rubber-band data selection and range zoom interaction
 CQCPStatisticalBoxA plottable representing a single statistical box in a plot
 CQCPStatisticalBoxDataHolds the data of one single data point for QCPStatisticalBox
 CQCPTextElementA layout element displaying a text
 CQCPVector2DRepresents two doubles as a mathematical 2D vector
 CQCustomPlotThe central class of the library. This is the QWidget which displays the plot and interacts with the user