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How can I create data model (something like QAbstractItemModel) to use it with QCustomPlot? The point is, that data stored in our dataset may be pretty big. We can have 30 or even more graphs on one plot with easily over 2 millions of samples each. We don't want to copy any of these values and we need to plot all samples at once.

Also I want to ask if QCustomPlot works well with such big numbers of samples (if we plot all samples at once - what method is used to show data when there are MUCH more samples than pixels in width of plot?). We want our plot to show sudden value changes which may appear in-between samples that are actually picked to plot.

Just like to up this thread because I have the same need.

One workarround might be to modify source code to make QCPDataContainer methods virtuals to override them in a subclass, linked to your custom data model. I don't have experimented this solution yet because I don't like it (modifying source code).

I can add an answer to the second question : I experimented QCP (only 1 QCP with 1 graph) up to 30 Millions points (If I remember I had a crash at 40 Millions), UI responsiveness was acceptable. Sub-sampling is well done and you will see any one-point anomaly in your data.