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When i click on the scroll bar the graph plots in the realtime demo will disapper why they are not stored on graph after when next plot happens.what is the reason for disappering....

I don't understand a word, sorry. The realtime demo doesn't have scrollbars.

Hello sir actually i am learning to put the scrollbar in the real time demo sir when the graph moves sir i want pull back and see the previous plots i added the scrollbar but when i click on that the plotted points disapperas..

If you've copied the realtime data demo 1:1 then this is because it removes all data explicitly. It even says so in a comment:

    // remove data of lines that's outside visible range:

If you don't want data to be removed, you shouldn't remove the data.

If you want to be able to scroll backwards, you probably also don't want this line:

  // make key axis range scroll with the data (at a constant range size of 8):
  ui->customPlot->xAxis->setRange(key+0.25, 8, Qt::AlignRight);

Because it would keep on bringing the range back to the front of the data.