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Here's my problem: Some of my data points must be accompanied by a description. Something like this graph: http://jes.ecsdl.org/content/152/1/A88/F8.large.jpg.
There is already a way to do this feature?
If isn't, I though of change QCPLegend and add each description as legend, but I don't know if this is would be the best option.

This can be done with items.
For example, you can create a QCPItemTracer which sticks to a graph's data points. Then you can create a QCPItemText and set it to be a child of the tracer. This way the text label will always move with the tracer, following the data point. Please see the documentation to those classes (and items in general, if you're new to them)

In a real-world application you'd probably want to create your own class which contains and manages the QCPItemText/QCPItemTracer pair and makes it easier to create and attach such labels to data points.