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First of all great work! Makes life a whole lot easier.
Now to my issue. I'm experiencing strange blurry font when using QCP with OpenGL enabled. As far as i can tell, only the appearance of the y axis label ( yAxis->setLabel(label) ) is affected by that. The situation improves a little bit if i use setNotAntialiasedElement(QCP::aeAxes, true), but still remains. See for yourself: http://imgur.com/a/Fp8xK
It just shows the interaction demo with added setOpenGl(true). It is a bit annoying to look at escpecially when using different font colors. Except for this artifact everything is working for me.
Is anybody else experiencing similar issues or does anybody have a clue what could cause this behaviour and how it could be fixed?
Thanks Joel!

First of all, don't worry, I do have the same "artifact" when using the setOpenGl(bool) function... The y-axis get blurry...

But sorry, I didn't find any "tricks/way" to avoid it...

Maybe someone have looked a lit more further then I did...

Thanks for the quick reply! Good to hear that you could reproduce it. Thought first it's only my machine.

Does anyone fix this issue?

Hi all,
I fix this issue, the steps as follow:
1. add setNotAntialiasedElements(QCP::aeAxes) after the set setAntialiasedElements(QCP::aeAll) in qcustomplot.cpp.
2. change multisampling to 8 or less. e.g. change setOpenGl(true, 16) or setOpenGl(true) to setOpenGl(8).

The fix by Xin works for the Y-Label.
But now the X and Y axes are blurred.

Any other fix? @DerManu?