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is there an easy way to change to display values for an axis?

My data for the graph x-axis is in milliseconds,
but I want to display only seconds on the x-axis, eg. instead of 3300 -> I want 3,3
(Changing the input data from milliseconds to seconds is no option)

I tried with customPlot->xAxis->setTickLabelType(QCPAxis::ltDateTime),
but this cannot work because as numbers representing the seconds (as Doc says)

I think with xAxis->setNumberFormat(...) I cannot see how it could work either

Any suggestions?

I should have looked closer in the documentation or the very good examples, it can easily be done by:

  customPlot->xAxis->setTickVector(QVector<double>() << 1 << 2 << 3);
  customPlot->xAxis->setTickVectorLabels(QVector<QString>() << "1" << "2" << "3");