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Does qcustomplot have a limit for how much data the plot will hold? I plot every 2 seconds. I want to scroll the x-axis back to look at data from 12 hours ago. Does qcustomplot have an automated feature where it automatically dumps old data? If so how do I access that feature. I have 40 plots on one screen and do not want to chew up too much memory.

it does not drop data from 12 hrs ago... if you want that functionality, you need to write it into your own code.

There must be a limit to how much data the widget will hold for one continuous plotting session. Since my sessions run 24/7 for many months that would consume all the memory. That is what I'm trying to avoid. I plot a data point every 2 seconds. That equates to over 43,000 data points per day. I would like only one days data points to be available on the graph. then free up the memory that is being used.

i understood the question. qcustomplot does not do this on its own. if you want that functionality, you will need to implement it on your side.