Hi. I am building a graph with the points on the x-axis
Built: http://www.picshare.ru/view/8348107/
I need to build a chart: http://www.picshare.ru/view/8348109/
I want to display instead the Ticker time my tickers with DateTime not going with a single step.

This time-vector need to assign the vector points in the graph.
Date[0]=20170101; //yyyyMMdd
Date[1]=20170101; Date[2]=20170101; Date[3]=20170101; Date[4]=20170101; Date[5]=20170101; Date[6]=20170101; Date[7]=20170101;
Time[0]=100100; //Hmmss
Time[1]=100200; Time[2]=100300; Time[3]=100400; Time[4]=100700; Time[5]=101200; Time[6]=102100; Time[7]=102500;