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Is it possible to anchor tags (let's say QCPItemText) to a specific axis?

Mockup explains the idea better:

You can relatively easily get the y-position for example by attaching QCPItemTracer to the last added value and then using it as an anchor, but how do you get the x-coordinate of the axis?

Even trying to calculate the y-offset from the axis rect border by a sum of padding widths doesn't seem to be possible, because the tick labels don't have fixed size.

A very similar question has already been asked here before:
But I find the response "then position the x value to the axis position and the y value to the coordinate you want" somewhat tricky to implement. Am I missing something?

Thanks for any hints.

I have no solution but I would like to upvote this thread because I have exactly the same question. How to anchor something to an specific axis?

Have a look at the new tutorial which describes exactly this case, due to popular request:
Dynamic axis tags using items