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famous problem and no solution yet !!Return to overview

hello eveyone
i didn't find any answer for this
"no matching function for call to ' QCPGraph:::setadata(); "
please i need a good answer .
by the way happy new year for every one :)

Happy new year to you, too!

"setadata" doesn't exist... ;)

If the error message speaks of "setData", you have a problem with your project's inclusion/linking rules. Make sure you remove all left-overs from previous compiles, and that qcustomplot.h/.cpp are included and compiled properly.

So the solution to the "famous problem", is using your tools correctly :P

i mean setdata sorry
we don't know yet if it's solution or no
i will try and i will let you know if it's working
thank you for your time

the same error any help !!!