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Hi all, I've noticed that activating OpenGL in QCustomPlot 2.0 seems to reduce the performance of my realtime plotting application.
Have other people noticed the same thing, and what have they done about it?

My application was optimised for the software renderer; using a constant axis scaling, 1024 samples and a line thickness of 1.
OpenGL rendering seems to use about 2x the CPU, whether I'm on a desktop (Windows, Linux and Mac OSX) or Raspberry Pi.

I have the same situation when I use QPen and QBrush without changes.

When I make the width of QPen more than 1 or QBrush translucent or set the flag QCP::iSelectPlottables, then opengl works much faster.

Thanks. :)
Just wanted to make sure it wasn't me. I guess I'll stick with software rendering, then.