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i know, i'm missing something very small , but i don't know what is it ????Return to overview

hello everyone

i have two classes Scaleproject and Stendgraph .

i want plot my diagram in the class Stendgraph , i create widget , and the axes ....but the problem is i can't read value from the class Scaleproject .

i create object of Scaleproject ( Scaleproject scalpro ;

scalpro->getemergy.minflow ; )
but it's not working ???

please what do you think ????

thank you in advance

Nobody can help you with this kind of comments...

All those classes you're talking about are custom made (not QCustomPlot classes..)

Maybe they inherit from some QCustomPlot but there's no revelant information, no code, etc...

hello olivier

thank you for you answer .

i explain more

i have class " Scaleproject " in this class i have getter

double ScaleProject::getTotalouputflow()
return prive ;

and prive is private variable , (prive is created in Scaleproject.h ) .

now i have another class "Stend " , and i need to use the variable prive in this class ,
i create object of the class "Scaleproject" in the Stend class .cpp but when i call this variable by this way , i found the value is 0 , but it's not !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scaleproject test ;
test.getTotaloutpuflow() :

any idea ???

Hey man.

A few things:
- This is probably the wrong forum for the question; it's for qCustomPlot only and not general C++. Try Stack Overflow for general C++ questions.
- When asking questions, always include enough of your code so that people can reproduce it exactly. Computer code is fairly complex; there could be 100 things going wrong and no-one knows what it is unless you give your complete code.

One hint I can give you:
Passing a private variable the way you passed it won't change its value to 0. The fact that it's private isn't what's causing your headache.