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Is it possible to have polar plots in QCP?

Hi Mostafa,

Currently I don't intend to make polar plots a feature of QCustomPlot. QCP is based on a cartesian coordinate system. As such, allowing true polar plots would require doubling alot of interfaces, making working with QCP very confusing. One would better create an own QCustomPolarPlot widget or something. I know people have emulated polar plots with QCPItemEllipse and QCPItemText, though.

Thanks DerManu,
I think i can make it with QCPItemEllipse and QCPItemText.

I would also like to create a polar chart (well at least something resembling polar axis more than the actual standard polar plots) anyway i was wondering if there is anyway with QCustomPlot that i can get a chart axis with 4 quadrants, then i could use Ellipse items with the crossover of the axis in the middle of the ellipse ... if that makes sense