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hi, i want to save my plot on hard disk and reload it later. any idea?

a binary file that contains all of the x and y pairs?

1. Qcustomplot does mot have any specific format?
2. what about write-read speed with binary file? i want to use it for real time huge amount data ploting.

U can use serialisation with qt ?...


        if(fileRFID.size() == 0)


        ds >> listeSondes; // here I have List of class like QCustomPlot containing several class and struct

        for(int i=0;i<listeSondes.size();i++)
            blablabla ...

my application is to read an online data. because of its size is not determined(from 1MB to 10GB), i cant save it on RAM. i have two thread that data read is in first and save and plot in second with Signal-slot method. can i open the file once and using it for some signal emit? or every time i should open the file?

well if you know the size of the structure,you would just read that many bytes from the file each time you want to get new data.

if you dont know the size, you can write a size before each data write.