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Must I call replot to change coords of QCPItemLineReturn to overview

I added QCPItemLine to my graph. I have two buttons in my graph. one of them move QCPItemLine to forward and other move QCPItemLine to backward. Each time I call replot() function to update QCPItemLine coords. But my graph has 2000 x values and replot() works slowly when I click button in series. Actually nothing change in graph except x coord of QCPItemLine. Is there any smart way to solve this?

Thank you.

I'm sorry to tell you that currently there's no good ready-to-use solution for this. However, QCP will solve this in a future version by adding buffering capability to the QCPGraph class.
You could try increasing the replot performance with the hints given at the bottom of the main documentation page.

Thank you.
Is there any release plan for it? When it can be ready.