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Thanks for the great library!

Is it planned to change the storage type of points from double to qreal in the future?

qreals are doubles. they are just a typedef.

qreals become floats on some (or all?) ARM systems. And since i'm wary of the consequences I've so far refrained from making this change. I experimented with it a couple of years ago and it turned out that switching to float precision has significant impact on axis range stability/constraints, clipping optimization, adaptive sampling, etc.
And a switch only in the containers (to save memory) would be an inconsistent move for the whole library, and thus should only be done by the few people directly that need it – in my opinion.
Plus, it would open up yet another testing-branch that needs to be investigated during release, together with own Qt binaries compiled with -qreal float. Right now I have 17 separate Qt installations that QCP is automatically tested against. With that change, it would double (pun not intended), If I take the whole thing seriously.

Let me know if you have any thoughts in that respect.