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In my project I have a QCP and some buttons to show specific values of a graph in the plotter or for some other options. With one of the buttons I need to add/reset a offset to every graph (not the selected one).
I get the offset-value from some files (where I also get the data of all graphs I have in my QCP).

So my question: is there a way to add a offset to the graphs when the button is checked and remove the offset again when the button is unchecked?

I found a solution, that works for me:

double offset = 123;
QCPGraphDataContainer *data = plot->graph(0)->data().data();

for(QCPGrahDataContainer::iterator it = data->begin(); it != data->end(); it++)
    //it->value += offset; //Offset on y-Axis
    it->key += offset; //Offset on x-Axis

Now I have to look how to reset the offset for my graphs when the button is unchecked.