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Hi Guys,

I`m using QCustomplot in a gTest environment to plot test results and intermediate steps.
For evaluation of algorithms I`m using matlab, because of the life plotting capabilities.
Meaning that the plot gets more detailed while debugging the code.

I recognized QT has remote objects as beta in the latest version.

Are there any aspirations to use this feature to add remote objects capabilities to QCustomplot.

After that one can run a process with the QCustomplot windows controlled by gTest or other data sources.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Do you mean GoogleTest?

It sounds interesting, but also like a quite narrow use case. It would make more sense to have a class external to QCustomPlot take care of the IPC (e.g. via the QtRO) and then do it's modifications to the local QCustomPlot instance. Adding something so prone to change as QtRO, and limited in use (since it can only communicate with other Qt processes), to QCustomPlot wouldn't justify the bloat. (And apart from that QCustomPlot keeps backward-compatibility all the way to Qt 4.6)