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I am using QCustomPlot 2 and I need that my x Axis will be in time "hh:mm"
(TickerTime) and also that the data will be shown for every point (TickerFixed) and also I need that all the labels of the x axis will be rotated(setTickLabelRotation)
From my internet observasion I found that the QcustomPlot 1 version is alot more easier and entuitive is it realy so? because if it is I will use it insted simply?

did you read the basic plotting tutorial, and the axis ticker / date time ticker documentation? That should get you up and running tickers correctly. If after that you still experience something strange, please come back to me with some more details.

Regarding the multiple tickers: This is already possible by subclassing the QCPAxisTickerDateTime. Have a look at the virtual methods (and subclassing section of the QCPAxisTicker documentation). Especially the method createTickVector will allow you to add your own additional ticks.