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Hi, I'm plotting a real time data with QCustomPlot for an oscilloscope bulding . My code is somthing like:

                   for(int i=0; i<(1024; i++){

I'm using graph(0)->data()... Methode to Update previous data and no clear all of previous data. This what Oscilloscopes Do. My problem is in this picture: https://ibb.co/cB5MoS.
when signal is updating, may previous data and current data be unbalance. what oscilloscopes do is that clear for example 10 data Ahead of updating point. So a fault Vertical line would not plotted. How can i implement it in Qt. It seems QCustomplot connect two
tandem in every condition. What can i do?

I can ask my question in another word. Qcustomplot connect Graph Consecutive points and so we see graph as a continuous line. My question is: how to disconnect a special line between two custom point of plot?(for example point number 100 with x=5.3 and point number 101 with x=5.4. There should be no line between this two points).

You can insert a dummy point between these points with value = qQNaN()

Or you can override QCPGraph::draw(), and if the distance between points is greater than some epsilon, then do not draw a line.