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I have downloaded all the QCP 1.0.1 sources and compilation projects and I started to build the shared libraries (on Windows 7 x64). The sharedlib-compilation compiles just fine, but when I copy the DLLs to the sharedlib-usage folder and start compiling I get the next errors:

:-1: error: cannot find -lqcustomplotd1
collect2.exe:-1: error: error: ld returned 1 exit status

The copied DLLs are qcustomplot1.dll and qcustomplotd1.dll and they have been copied to the same place where the sharedlib-usage .pro file is.

What am I doing wrong?

Also, but probably not related to QCP, no matter if I choose debug or release, both build types are created upon build. Inside the build folder I have both debug and release folders containing a DLL. What's wrong here? I should only get a DLL in the debug folder, or in the release folder, but not both.

I've just tested it on WinXP and it works fine. Unfortunately I don't have Win7 x64 to test here...

Are you using GCC? Does linking with other shared libraries work fine?

I'm using mingw32 and mingw64 compilers with GCC 4.8 (C++11 available) and Qt 5.1.1.
I'm not sure that other shared libraries work fine since I didn't compile any shared library before. If you have any sample shared library that I may use to test it would be great if you wanted to share that with me. Anyway, I'll look for some shared library projects on internet and test my environment; I recently had some issues because qmake wasn't running automatically on project build and I suppose it might be a related issue.