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Hi guys,

I'm starting my adventure with QT Creator (Windows QT Creator 2.8.1, 5.1.1). I have gone through some examples and I've managed to create very basic windows/clicable buttons, etc. Right now I would like to start the QCustmPlot adventure, which I find just amazing!
What I couldn't find here (nor forum, nor tutorials) is how to start the plotting class? Can I, let's say, simply paste the code into mainwindow.cpp?

Please excuse such a stupid question ;)

Include qcustomplot.h and qcustomplot.cpp files in your project; then create the plot (a QCustomPlot class's object) and.. enjoy!

Ok, that works - I can see the axes in the plot, but there is no data points. Where can I paste the data code? I'd like to see lets say the parabollic plot from the first example here: http://www.qcustomplot.com/index.php/tutorials/basicplotting Where do I put this code?

Thanks in advance for the answer.

If you download examples from download section, you can find how use the code.

Oh, finally... I couldn't start any examples because... I had them in 'Program Files/...' there is a space... And it couldn't be read by the programme :/