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I've been coding with this very nice library since some months but I still haven't come to a solution:
if my graph values range from min and max and I set range accordingly to its Axis Rect, it doesn't plot points on the min edge (maybe on max either but I'm not sure), whether i set a colored pen or not for bottom axis.
Is there a way to make it plot on bottom line which does't require to increment axis range?

Thank You

I'm not sure I understand correctly. Do you wish to disable clipping of the scatter symbols to within the axis rect? So that they peek beyond the axis rect on top of the axis base line?

I have a signal which ranges from 0 to 10. I set left axis range accordingly. I can't see signal graph plotted at value == 0. This happens whether i paint bottom axis or not.
I need to see graph's plot at level 0 as well without interruption.
I worked it around adding a 1% top and bottom to left axis range, so instead of assigning 0, 10 I set - 0.1 , 10.1
Is there any better way?