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I have a bunch of QCPAxisRect inside plot layout that are arranged vertically. Now, I want them all to be of a fixed height and hence call setMinimumSize and setMaximumSize on them. However, the actual height is always less than the minimum height set.

In short the things I want are:
1. Ability to show/hide a particular axis rect in the layout and other's should move up/down accordingly. Right now, this does not happen, I get empty space when I hide an axis rect. So instead of hiding the graph, I take it out of the layout and put it back in when un-hidden.
2. However, doing this, the heights of the graphs change. But the requirement is fixed height graphs. As I hide (i.e. remove from layout) graphs, the height increases, and showing (i.e. adding back to layout) them back, the height of all decreases despite setting the minimumSize and maximumSize. (They are not being honored).

How to solve this issue?

Note: I am using QCustomPlot's layout to have common vertical margin, and I have tried setting the vertical size policy to QSizePolicy::Maximum without any effect.

Even i have the same issue. I want to delete the selected axis rect upon mouse press. I'm able to delete the axis rects but it's not resizing as per the active axis rects in the plot layout.

Guys any update on this? I am also looking for the same option.
Also I am looking how can I give percentage for the QCPAxisRect heights instead of giving fixed heights.