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I am wandering how to achieve this ?

I am successfully vertivally inserting 2 Qcustomplot Widgets into a QVboxLayout (named frame_plot)
but I would like to vertically streched one in order to increase or decrease the second one.

Is anybody here has a clue?

  plot0 = new QCustomPlot;
  plot1 = new QCustomplot


Instead of using a QVBoxLayout, may be you can use a QSplitter with the appropriate orientation?

More details here: http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qsplitter.html#details

Hope it helps...


Thks Lesauxvi for the help, it works very well now with QSplitter

However I have a question regarding QSplitter behaviour:

If I strech vertically the plot1 for instance, the plot0 dissapear from the screen
however it's still existing and will be back when I will strech down the plot1.

Same thing with plot0 which can erase plot1.

Is there a way to maintain a minimum size height for each plot to prevent them from
dissapearing from the screen?

I tried the following:


with no effect so far !

Thks for your help

pretty sure you can call split->setCollapsible(0,false) and split->setCollapsible(1,false)

Thks for your help, it's working fine now

I finally used the following statement to prevent windows to collapse