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I'm currently subclassing QCPItemTracer to support QCPCurve.

For the updatePosition() method, I'm trying to find the curveValue from the curveKey like for graphs.
But if I understand the function curve->data()->findbegin takes the curveT as argument and not the curveKey.

QCPCurveDataContainer::const_iterator it =curve->data()->findBegin(curveKey);

My question is how can I find the curveT from the approximative curveKey to be able to use findBegin correctly ?

Thanks a lot for your help


This is what I just did

double t = 0;
double value = 0;
double key = 0;
 QCPCurveDataContainer::const_iterator first = mCurve->data()->constBegin();
 QCPCurveDataContainer::const_iterator last = mCurve->data()->constEnd()-1;

for (QCPCurveDataContainer::const_iterator it = first; it != last +1; it++) {
	if (it->key <=  mCurveKey) {
                t = it->t;
		key = it->key;
		value = it->value;

QCPCurveDataContainer::const_iterator it = mCurve->data()->findBegin(t); 

And then i did the same code as updateposition() for graphs.

Is that right ?