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Destruction time increased massively 1.3.2-Return to overview

Hi guys,

I moved from 1.3.2 to 2.0.1 and faced a massive increase of the destructor time consumption.
In my plots I got around 2000 items and while destruction operations like setFillOrder (with rearrange) and add element of the LayoutGrid and Legend are executed and I often pause in these functions while analyzing this issue .
In sum I get around 30 seconds for the destruction of 3 plots.
Are all these operations necessary while destructing the QCustomPlot object. Has anybody a hint how I can work around this?

Sorry there is 2.0.1 missing in the title ... could some admin add this ... thx

My problem analysis resulted the legend as the main cause.
removing an item from legend is very time consuming.

But I found a solution: