I'm new to QCustomPlot.

I have a graph which was created with plotLayout(). A range of yAxis was set with setRange to 100.

I need to create labels for my y axis. Some of them are ticks and some of them are just Labels, which are set close to ticks and can overlap with ticks (in case when they overlap with ticks, ticks are not displayed).

Labels (which are not ticks), I create with QCPItemText.


1. How can I get coordinates of ticks?
2. I want to set an equal gap between ticks and labels. Lets say I have 2 ticks and 2 labels. Ticks are set at 50 and 100. The gap should be 25 (100/4). But when I set the coordinates of labels which are not ticks (position of QCPItemText), they are not displayed in 25 and 75. Why? Looks like though range is set to 100, it is actually larger.

Thanks a lot in advance!