I'm using QCustomPlot 2.0.1 to plot some data over an 8 hour timeframe. I was delighted to find I could put qNaN into a QCPGraphData to create a break in my plots. However, I have measured much slower plotting performance when I have a 4 day time gap between my points, even if the data point is a qNaN (which I thought wouldn't have drawn anything). I put a QElapsed timer, and found my replot times went from 33ms to 184ms by having two datapoints that are separated by 4 days.

My work around right now is if I need to insert a datapoint that is much later than my last datapoint (like 2 weeks later), I'll insert qNaNs at a 24 hour interval from my last point.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this plotting slowdown by having a large time gap between my points?