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I have a shared QCP library which is working great in release mode with no issues. but when running in debug I get a Unknown signal received with a error :-1: error: An exception was triggered: Exception at 0x667510a1, code: 0xc0000602: , flags=0x0.

I am running Qt creator 4.8.1, Qt 5.12.1 GCC 8.2.1 64 bit
This unknown signal stops at
plotX = new QCustomPlot();

I have my plotX declared in my header QCustomPlot *plotX; I define it here because my application has multiple tabs that can be added or subtracted from the display. this allows me to create a new plotX for each tab.

again this works great in release mode. debugger does work when using QCP as a static library.
any ideas?

thank you

some additional info from the stack info at the stop point, i am getting a note:

Function: qcustomplot2!

Note:Binary debug information is not accessible for this frame. This either means the core was not compiled with debug information, or the debug information is not accessible.

SOLVED - working now
My bad again. Had something missing on linking in my .pro

Would you please share the fix you did in your .pro file regarding the linking problem.