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conflicting declaration in files minwindef.h and winsmcrd.hReturn to overview

I just included qcustomplots library in my qt application. But, while compiling its throwing 2 errors as:

conflicting declaration 'typedef short unsigned int WORD'
conflicting declaration 'typedef WORD UWORD''

Without including qtcustom plots it works extremely fine.

OS: Windows
Using: Qt 5.12

Any easy solutions?

Tried by demoting widget to QWidget again....it worked fine.
Promoted it again to qcustomplot, again showing same error.

The issue here is that 'WORD' and 'UWORD' are already defined by windows. i dont know why they would be used in the qcustomplot code though, as they aren't platform independent. i dont see it in my version, (i'm on 1.x). i suggest putting

#ifndef __WIN32
around those declarations

QCustomPlot doesn't use such general typedefs. The problem you're seeing is outside of QCP, maybe the Qt printsupport module?