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First of all I want to excuse me for my bad English.
I do really basic thing

    QCustomPlot *customPlot = new QCustomPlot;
    QCPCurve *newCurve = new QCPCurve(customPlot->xAxis, customPlot->yAxis);
    newCurve->setData(x, y);
    customPlot->xAxis->setRange(x_min, x_max);
    customPlot->yAxis->setRange(y_min, y_max);
    customPlot->setInteraction(QCP::iRangeZoom, true);
    customPlot->setInteraction(QCP::iRangeDrag, true);

This is what I get right after plot shows up: https://ibb.co/vmbZMtJ. How can I make it be larger?

Try this: https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qwidget.html#size-prop

for me works the following: