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Change time data from Gregorian calendar to Hijri calenderReturn to overview

I wanna change (QCPAxisTickerDateTime) time data to show my hijri calender for example (years 2019 change to 1400) and also for months and day.
please help if you have any ideas
thanks alots.

my guess is you would need to create your own ticker and then use some sort of conversion method to convert between the two.

If it were me, I'd just concern myself with converting the date string to a date data type, then the output could be represented in whichever calendar format is desired at a later point in time. As such:

to_date(date_string,'mm/dd/rrrr','nls_calendar=''English Hijrah''')

should be sufficient to convert the date string from Hijrah to the internal date data type. The typical NLS date settings are for a Gregorian 2023 calendar, so once converted to the interal date data type the actual displaying of the date would match the NLS settings which would be Gregorian unless it's been changed for some specific reason.