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I am building an application for android in Qt.
How can I save the plot image file using bool QCustomPlot::saveJpg(const QString &fileName, int width, int height, double scale, int quality, int resolution, QCP::ResolutionUnit resolutionUnit) to a specific path/location?
I've skimmed through the old posts but couldn't find any help.

That's what fileName is for, like all file/dir related classes in Qt.

I have made some unsuccessful attempts. Can anyone please provide some sample code? I will be grateful.

sorry for such basic questions. but I have made it.

void MainWindow::on_pushButton_clicked()
    QString Date=QDate::currentDate().toString("yyyy_MM_dd");
    QString filename="C:/plots/"+Date+"_plot.jpg";

void MainWindow::createFolderPath()

    QDir createfolder("C:/plots");