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Adding a realtime QCustomPlot to an existing C++ console-based applicationReturn to overview

What would be the best approach to add a realtime QCustomPlot to an existing C++ console-based application?

This existing application is used for audio processing. It processes 64 audio samples every 10 ms. I want to know what is the best approach to visualize these samples in realtime. The information I have seen on using QCustomPlot so far is based on building a new application with Qt at its core, but this is not an option for me. I basically want to integrate a QCustomPlot as a library in my application so that I can feed it the samples and visualize them. The existing application is handling all the real-time requirements and it is very important that the QT functionality does not influence it. Somewhere on the web I read that the class QProcess can be used for this purpose. However, I couldn't find an example of how. I would really appreciate if somebody gives me a hand with this.

This blog contains all the information that is needed (including example code) to implement what I described above. The only remaining task is filling in the "blanks" with the QCustomPlot realtime example code.


After doing some more progress, I actually reached a problem I could not fix using the approach I posted above and had to look for another solution.

The solution I found is based on these two Stack Overflow posts:



That is how I managed to integrate a realtime Qt-based GUI to my existing signal processing application.