We are running Qt 5.9.8 on an embedded Linux device using "OpenGL ES 2" and "EGLFS" (commandline argrument for an Qt application is "-platform eglfs").

"OpenGL ES 2" and "EGLFS" is working well on the target (e.g. Qt example application "quick/renderercontrol").

Running a Qt application using "QCustomPlot" (V2.0.1) and "QCUSTOMPLOT_USE_OPENGL" defined and Open GL enabled (with "ui.Customplot->setOpenGL(true)") shows only an empty widget on the screen.

Disableing Open GL (with "ui.Customplot->setOpenGL(false)") the expected plot is shown.

Does QCustomPlot support "OpenGL ES 2" with "EGLFS"?