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Can QCustomPlot allow me to create dense bar charts?Return to overview

I want to create something like the graphs in Camtasia, shown here:

There are several features I am trying to reproduce:
1) A dense bar chart. This is for audio data, and there are a lot of data points. There will be sampling, but the bars need to be thin and drawn adjacent to each other.
2) I need to replicate the timeline feature where I can highlight areas of the graph. In fact I'll need to highlight many areas at the same time and control the position and meta information of each. I can do that in QGraphicsView, but I don't know the base classes of QCustomPlot.
3) Sometimes the chart needs to be very long with zoom in and out. But the main window will only allow so much room, so I need to be able to scroll the chart.
4) I need to label the x-axis with special time markers of the form HH:MM::SS.ssss.

Are these things possible out of the box? Would subclassing be straightforward enough?

BTW, I'm using PyQt5.

Thank you.

1. yes, you can change the bar thickness and spacing between them in QCPBars
2. I know you can select sections of data, but i dont know how that works as i dont use that feature
3. scrolling is implemented by default whenever your visible range is smaller than your total data range. I think it is something like QCustomPlot::Interaction
4. You would just use QCPAxisTickerTime or QCPAxisTickerDateTime https://www.qcustomplot.com/documentation/classQCPAxisTickerTime.html

Thanks for the great information

But changes in the bar thickness could not provide the ultimate result in the QCPBars. Therefore as per my concern nft marketplaces you need to focus on the thickness on bars.