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Is there a way to add QCustomPlot to a central widget without using the designer ?
The thing is that I want to place several graph one below the other, without knowing their exact number before hand (it can be something like 32 to 128 plot for example).

I tried to use a mdi, but this put each graph in its own sub-window, and I want them to be in the same. I don't seem to be able to do that even by watching the examples... Maybe there is something I missed ?

Also, on a side note, I want to be able to link the graph with each other (like with slots and signals), in order to compute value like the mean (for example if the x axis is the time and I select the value that is at one second in the first graph, this will compute the average value of the point corresponding to one second on all the plot). Do you know if something like that is possible ?

everything designer does is also doable in the code. basically you would want to create a layout and then you would use QLayout::addWidget.