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To the kind attention of the customer support,

I am having an issue with your library: I have a table that has been filled with different items (labels, plots, and so on..)

So, I put dynamyically some of yours QCustomPlot graphs in some cells, using the "setCellWidget()" function.

Now I need to use a signal when I doubleClick on a cell table: I connected my signal and slot and it seems that the plot presence is "disabling" the signal of cell clicking.

The behaviour is strange: I am sure the singnal is working, because the doubleclick signal is working in all the cells, except for the cells where i put a QCustomPlot.
So it seems in such a way this issue is more related to the item itself.

Can you please help me?
I can give you more information if necessary, of course.

I don't think this is related to QCP but an expected behavior of QTableWidget. Try inserting a QLineEdit instead, you will see that a click probably is passed on to the line edit and you get a blinking cursor in the edit, as expected.
If you want that differently, maybe you can use event filters or subclass QTableWidget and handle the mouse events. Or you can subclass QCP and make it ignore all mouse events, possibly this will lead to the original table item mouse handler to take over again. You might need to look into QTableWidget/QTableWidgetItem /QAbstractItemView code to be sure.