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So, I'm at the beginning of the development of a data visualization software.
For now, I just want to be able to show and explore my data.

I was able to put all my graph one below another and connect them, so that when I drag one graph, the other are dragged in the same way.

My problem is that I have a lot of data (between 32 and 128 plots, with like 2.000.000 points per plot, but this can be greatly variable). For now the data are randomly generated (I just have 32 plots of 2.000 points). The thing is, when I drag a plot, the updating of the other plots is very slow, and even more if I add more plots...

I tried to disable the anti-aliasing on drag and to reduce the width of the pen, but this doesn't seem to help...
Do you know if there is a possible solution ?
Maybe the problem comes from the fact that I replot all the plot each time I drag... Is it possible to draw all the plots before hand and just show what's in the range of the window ?

Problem solved!
For anyone having a similar problem:
Apparently, the way I constructed my replot loop called for redundant replot, hence the decrease in performance.
From the documentation of the function, I used replot(QCustomPlot::rpQueuedReplot), instead of just replot().
I tried with 128 plots of 2.000.000 points each, and everything is totally smooth!