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How to avoid replotting of specified layer?Return to overview

I'm trying to avoid replotting of layer which contains a lot of elements that does not need any update in runtime. Do you have any ideas?


you would want to use QCPLayer::replot.

I just made some tests with my real time application.
I have some decorative items on a custom layer above "background" and didnt want to redraw these items each period.
All the layers modes were changed to lmBuffered and instead of calling QCP::replot, i just call QCPLayer::replot for the layers "grid", "main" and "axis" (didnt need legend ans overlay).
Under some circumstances i had to call a full replot and let also the default behavior on resizeEvent.
By doing that, the custom replot fonction is twice faster.
But do you know if there are some serious drawbacks ?