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Dear users,

I already know the (powerful) layering mechanisms of QCustomPlot. I was wondering if it was possible to change the order of the items within one layer. By default, the items are stacked according to the order to addition, which means that the last item is on top of all the other items of the layer. Is it possible to change this by specifically setting the position of a specific item within all the children of the layer?

I was not able to find the answer in the document and I just wanted to know if I missed something or if I need to think differently my implementation...

Thanks in advance for your time


currently there is no other method to force a specific ordering within a layer than removing and adding in the wanted order. This is a shortcoming that is fixed in the next minor release by allowing moving a layerable to a specified index within the layer.

Hi DerManu,

Thanks for your reactivity. Any idea on the release date of this new version? It may impact my software ;-)


you can re-insert item to qcustomplot.