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Multiple values with axis tags on eachReturn to overview

I would very much like to create a graph that has multiple Y-values and a separate tag for each on the Y-axis, something like:

14.000 -|
-----------|<-Val1 14.058
14.060 -|
14.150 -|
-----------|<-Val2 14.265
-----------| <-Val3 14.350

The online example code shows this is possible for one value on multiple axis, but as my illustration shows, I would like to do this for multiple values along a single Y-axis. Attachments are not possible here so the text is as close as I can come. Just to clarify, the dotted lines are just there to make the point there is a graph position or tick mark and do not represent the grid lines.

The brute way will be using the example here: https://www.qcustomplot.com/index.php/tutorials/specialcases/axistags

Just put the tags on a single axis (do not create two y axis) and do a loop to add the tag on the Y-axis as you want.